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You see her when you close your eyes

                       Maybe one day you’ll understand why

                                                    Everything you touch surely dies. [x]

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me around small children

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The first three steps to making someone happy are  

  • Practicing random acts of kindness
  • Being emotionally supportive
  • Cheering them up

I’m on a mission. I’m going to make people feel good about themselves, and I’m going to make as many people happy as I possibly can. But I can’t do this alone, and I need your help. 

What I’m looking for:

  • A supportive blogger 
  • Anyone who promotes positive actions and participates in random acts of kindness 
  • Someone willing to help anyone in need. 


  • Reblog this please to get it on as many dashboards as possible 
  • You don’t have to be following me, but it’d be cool if you did
  • Check out this quick survey (you don’t have to fill it out nor do you need to answer each question)

Picking members:

  • I don’t want there to be a limit, since this is a group I want as many people to participate it 
  • I will however be accepting 10-15 people at first, and adding more later! 

Purpose of the group:

  • Help their followers 
  • Every once in a while, group members will receive a theme or a general topic and message their followers positive things (this bit will be discussed through the group chat)

There will definitely be more information to come! Meanwhile, check out the page and the mission :) 

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dean winchester ○ 6/6 outfits

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a homeless guy just said to me “do you tell jokes to make people laugh or to make people think you’re funny” and that is the most profound shit ive ever experienced

I asked my old science teacher this and he said “I make jokes to make myself laugh because I know I’m funny.”

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It’s nice to know some things never change. (x)(x)

oh god

OMG this is adorable. 

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This was always my favorite part of WLIIA, when they just kept running with the same joke.